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Weight loss surgery

A life of fad dieting left Paulette Crowley overweight and miserable. She took ‘drastic action’ to break the cycle.

By Paulette Crowley

Bring full fat back. Sugar demon driving obesity epidemic. Low-carb diets make you depressed. Red meat leads to bowel cancer. People who eat wholegrains have smaller waists.

These are all headlines I have written as a health editor and journalist. The headline for my own experience with food and dieting could read ‘‘The more I know, the fatter and unhealthier I get’’.

I know a hell of a lot about nutrition – I could easily write a book or two – with no formal training. My body of knowledge has been nurtured by an endless obsession with food and dieting.

I was put on a strict diet by a naturopath at the age of nine to control debilitating hayfever. It did more damage than good: the sneezing continued and I lost unnecessary weight at a crucial stage of my growth and development. It sowed the seeds of an eating disorder that would define my life. I dreamed of McDonald’s and stuffed my face with a Mars Bar at every opportunity.

My next diet was at the age of 14, with my mother. Boiled eggs, salad, scraps of chicken and hunger were involved. I lost a chunk of weight in the first week and became hooked on the euphoric sensation of watching numbers drop on the scale and my clothes feeling looser.


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This article was first published in Your Weekend, May 28, 2016



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