Communications & PR

Why you might need communications and public relations (PR) services:


  • Writing is not your strength but you need to represent your business communications in a polished and professional way.
  • Exposure and sales are what you need but you can’t seem to get any traction with social media and advertising.
  • Technology is overwhelming and you need help with your marketing and communications online.
  • Social media and content creation is bamboozling and you know that doing it yourself is not cutting it.
  • Mainstream media is where you want to be but you have no idea how to get yourself there.
  • You have a specific message or campaign in mind but need someone to help you to plan and execute it, effectively and professionally.
  • You need someone to strategise your marketing plans but aren’t in a position to hire a marketing professional full time.
  • Your team needs to improve their communication skills and you need a trainer.
  • You need someone to pull together a project like an annual report, tender or ROI.

Services I offer include:

  • Blogs, social media and content creation
  • Media releases
  • Newsletter management
  • Internal communications such as newsletters
  • PR assessments and strategies
  • Communications training
  • Opinion pieces
  • Business documents such as annual reports, tenders and ROIs
  • Editorial consulting and project management
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